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From Harleys To Hydros....

Don Zig Magnetos is a company that is over twenty years old. Owner Don Zig has been working with magneto ignitions for over thirty years. In the old days, he did his own mags, and mags for his friends that he raced with, and before long that evolved into a full time business. Don Zig has been racing since the "early days", he has raced everything from a Buick Straight-8's all the way to his Alcohol Funny Car. His real life experience is what gives him the edge!

What Don sells first and foremost, SERVICE!

The manufacturers of the products he sells, Mallory and Vertex, put the items into warehouses, or on shelves of jobbers. This is ok... but magnetos have internal magnets and coils that have to be maintained and kept charged. In many cases, when somebody bought a magneto via mail order, when they installed it they would soon find out that it either did not work, or worked poorly.

Don personally makes sure that all his magneto ignitions are ready to run, and work the best they can when they leave his shop. He specializes in "service" as well as sales of new magnetos for Mallory, Vertex magnetos.

He is not afraid to invest time with his clients on the phone giving advice... that is part of the job, he feels, to providing a complete service to his clients.

He also stocks all of the wear and rebuild parts needed for Mallory, Vertex, plus he makes his own parts from small parts to coils. Don Zig is constantly striving to improve the quality of his products and testing producers with more high tech testing equipment as it becomes available to him. He is an innovator to the ignition industry and has been in the forefront since forming Don Zig Magnetos.

He has concentrated his efforts to become a supplier of magnetos and parts to the industry. Leading all of the way.... His high energy coils, cast once piece base assemblies, tach drive bases, and small parts, dedicated to making the magneto system more reliable and easier to work with!

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