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Choosing a Magneto

When choosing a magneto ignition, it might be a good idea to select a unit, which will meet the needs of your application without sacrificing reliability. You should consider that a unit, which is more powerful or exotic than your engine actually requires will also be less reliable and may require nearly constant maintenance. Before you go "overboard", take a minute to think it over and just be aware that the generating capacity of the magneto is directly proportional to the frequency of the service that will be required to keep it functioning at it's optimum. The extremely large and powerful magnetos in blown alcohol and nitromethane fueled funny cars and dragsters are pulled from the engine and checked after nearly every run. Is that what you want to have to do? Do you really want to live with the demands that the most powerful magneto available will place on you?

Our goal at Don Zig Magnetos is to provide information and guidance, based on our years of experience, that will help customers make choices that make them happy and satisfied with the magneto they choose. Because even the simplest magnetos we sell are very powerful, our basic position is that the magneto that will do the job without adding any complications is the best choice.

However, if you have always desired having the most amazing and powerful magneto money can buy; we will be happy to sell it to you and service it for you when required.

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