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Mechanical Tachometers

Moroso Tach
Jones Mechanical [Cable Driven] Tachometers
Jones Mechanical Tachometers are extremely accurate instruments of the highest precision and are manufactured to aircraft quality standards. Because they have no electrical parts that can become saturated and fail do to the electromagnetic radiation associated with magnetos they are ideally suited for use on engines using magnetos. You must have a provision on the base of the magneto for a cable hook up or fabricate a drive from the cam or crank. For parts & tachs contact: Schulze Manufacturing Inc. in Waterbury, CT. If you wish to use a mechanical tachometer on your engine but your current magneto does not have a tach drive, Don Zig can add one to it.

8000 RPM Tachometer P/N 5104.700-8400 $534.00

12000 RPM Tachometer P/N 5104.1000-12000 $534.00

Right Angle Drive P/N 4704 $148.00
This adaptor will thread onto either the magneto or the tachometer and allows for routing the drive cable where there is limited space.

Speed Switch (Rev Limiter) P/N 7139-1000-12000-N $1168.00
This adjustable instrument consists of a precision ball governor and a micro switch enclosed in a small sealed housing. When a pre-set RPM is reached it grounds the magneto and therefore stops any over-revving of the engine.

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