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If you have never used a magneto before; READ THIS
Magneto Users Biggest Mistakes...
Never do any of the following!

  • Never connect battery voltage to a magneto.
  • Never use suppression wires or resistor spark plugs.
    Set the plug gaps at .018 - .020 for either internal or external coil mags.
    Magnetos do not require and are not more efficient with large spark plug gaps.
  • Never weld on the car with the magneto in the motor. The generating unit may be discharged.
  • Never rely totally on your timing light as your sole source for timing your motor. Timing lights are typically D.C. and magnetos generate A.C. They also emit E.M.I. (Electro Magnetic Interference). In general, timing lights with mags are one (1) degree late for every 1000 RPM of engine speed. For best results, use a timing buzzer. We sell them and you can see one at the bottom of our products page.
  • Never operate a magneto without all of the plug wires connected to the spark plugs.
  • Never run a cast magneto drive gear against a steel billet camshaft. If there is any doubt which gear to use, contact the cam grinder.
  • Never force a drive gear on the shaft when changing or installing the gear. It may change internal clearances in the mag.
  • On a single mag warm up with a duel mag drive system and Mallory mags; DO NOT disconnect the second mag from the transformer. Severe damage to the mag generator will occur if you do.

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